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We are always looking for new players to join us; experience not required. If you would like to know more, or if you are eager to give it a try, please contact us with a private message on our Facebook Page (which has our preference) or e-mail to

Questions with a Cobra: Daan van Rossum

Name: Daan van Rossum
Age: 30
Nationality: Clogwearer
Occupation: I sell snow to Eskimo’s and sand to Arabs
Position: Utility, but preferably Hooker (not only off the field)
When did you first learn about rugby league?
Well this is going to be a ‘Listen to grandpa story’, but that must have been somewhere way back in 2008 or 2009. There were no Cobras, Pitbulls, Knights or even an proper Dutch national team. I was playing my second year of Rugby Union and was trying to play as much games as possible. Luckily I ran into Jason Bruygoms, who basically introduced me into the code we all love. I played for ‘the Dutch development team’ against Oxford University and absolutely loved the game. Accidentally watching videos on Youtube of “Billy the Kid” of Melbourne Storm brought me over from the ‘dark side’ completely. He’s my not so secret man-crush.
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Questions with Cobra: Giuseppe Tazzi

Name: Giuseppe Tazzi
Age: 33
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: SW Engineer
Position: Prop/Second Row

When did you first learn about rugby league?
I hear for the first time the English definirono “rugby league” 3 year ago called in Italy “rugby a 13”.
I am still learning playing…

How did you become a Cobra?
Pieter hansma an ARC mate proposed me to join this “tough team” few years ago. I didn’t understood what he said… and luckily I joined this amazing group.

Do you support a professional team or have a favourite player?
Not really, I start hate watch rugby matches a dozen of years ago. It is not simple appreciate a match when you have an Italian noisy dad.;)

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Questions with a Cobra: Benji Cueni

Name: Benji Cueni
Age: 27
Nationality: Swiss
Occupation: Digital Fundraiser
Position: Hooker

When did you first learn about rugby league?
Must have been in NZ, when I was still “Unionized”. I was tremendously confused because the ref did not penalise the players when they did not release the players after a tackle.

How did you become a Cobra?
Daan asked me if I’d be keen in also playing League, since we played Union together at AAC. Turns out I liked League way better and decided to stick with the Cobras. 

Do you support a professional team or have a favourite player?
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles and I’m not even ashamed of it. Continue reading

Questions with a Cobra: Ciaran Jaras

Name: Ciaran Jaras
Age: 22
Nationality: British
Occupation: Student
Position: Stand Off

When did you first learn about rugby league?
I was born into it really – my dad is a big fan. In fact, some of my earliest memories are of disappointing, rain-filled afternoons on terraces somewhere in the north of England.

How did you become a Cobra?
I’d been living in Amsterdam for a while. I’d been dragged along by some friends to watch a union game (I must’ve been at a loose end) in an Irish bar. I went to the gents and noticed a poster promoting the Cobras. I got in touch through Facebook and the rest is history…

Do you support a professional team?
Widnes Vikings, for my sins. We have an up-and-down relationship, but they are the true love of my life. 

 Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?
Rotterdam Pitbulls. It’s always a tough game but they’re usually the team to beat, so it’s a good test for us. Continue reading

Questions with a Cobra: Phelim Hoey

Name: Phelim Hoey
Age: 33
Nationality: Irish
Occupation: Freelance photographer
Position: Wing


When did you first learn about rugby league?
When I arrived at my first training with the Cobra’s. I had played Union before in Utrecht but wasn’t aware of other variations to the sport like some other players in our team.

How did you become a Cobra?
At first I did not really like league as I was use to Union. Eventually I grew into it and I must say that league is more a sport for me. I signed up after a few trainings.

Do you support a professional team or have a favourite player?
No, I don’t support a team.

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Questions with a Cobra: Stefan Armas

Name: Stefan Armas
Age: 23
Nationality: Moldovan
Occupation: Student
Position: Fullback

When did you first learn about rugby league?
I first learned about league during the first training with the Cobras – back then still not being aware of the Big difference between league and union

How did you become a Cobra?
I decided to join the cobras as I was very interested in Rugby as it is not as popular in my home country. The Cobras seemed like a very friendly first step into the rugby world – was the probably the final step as well

Do you support a professional team or have a favourite player?
Don’t have a favourite team nor a favourite player … I’m more into practising the sport rather than watching it (but will never decline a proposition to watch a game with the lads)

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Four Cobras Named in Griffin Cup Extended Squads

Dutch Coach Kane Krlic and his German counterpart Bob Doughton have named training squads for the upcoming Griffin Cup Test match, with four Cobras players among them. Captain Daan van Rossum and Halfback Ciaran Jaras have been called up for the Dutch Lions while veteran playmaker Liam Doughton and utility David Greiner have both received the tap for Germany.

“I’m really excited about it. Especially to stand with Liam, the German Legend with about 20 caps and my best friend, on the pitch to represent my country” said an obviously ecstatic Greiner of his first call up to the German squad, “A dream would become real.”

The match kicks off in Osnabrück at 15:30 Saturday 26th August.

Cobras Round 3 Lineup 2017

Some changes to the starting line up this week. Benjamin Cueni is returning from injury and will be starting at #9, and we welcome Laury Renac (five/eighth) and Alex Duncan (second row) back for their first game of the season.

round 3 team list

Cobras Take Bronze at Rotterdam Nines

The Amsterdam Cobras won a bronze medal at the 2017 Rotterdam Nines Tournament. The Cobras courageously won their first match against Les Hussards from Nanterre (France) with 28-4. Up next were the Harderwijk Dolphins, in which the Cobras won 24-10. However, the Wests Warriors (England) simply outclassed the Cobras, resulting in a 32-0 loss. With the increasing number of players ending up in the injury ward, the Cobras then still had to play Swansea University (Wales), to no avail: the weakened Cobras struggled to keep up and lost their final match with 0-24. Not to be deterred, as the previous results proved to be sufficient to win a bronze medal. Congratulations to all involved!