Amsterdam Cobras Training Session

Amsterdam Cobras Training Session

About to sign up with the Cobras? Great to see you on the team!

We have three types of memberships: full, student and limited.

Basically, a full and student membership includes unlimited access to training sessions and matches, whereas a limited membership is restricted to playing a maximum of two official domestic matches. Should you join the Cobras when there is only one (or none) official match left, then we advise you to sign up as a limited member, and renew your membership with a full memberships the year after.

If you just want to give the sport a try, that’s possible too: we will not charge you the first few sessions! However, playing a match requires you to be registered with us. Should you want to try a match, then we suggest you to become a limited membership at minimum. You can always upgrade your membership if you are hooked up.

Now then, what is actually included in your membership?

  • Weekly training
  • Entitled to play Domestic Competitions
  • If selected, entitled to play International Competitions
  • NRLB Membership fee
  • Kit during matches (kits must be returned at the end of the match though)

So what costs are involved with the membership fees?

A full membership costs €85 per year (students are entitled to pay a €55 fee instead), and a limited membership fee costs €45 per year. Payments can be done in cash with our training staff or board members, or via bank transfer. Upon signing up, you need to pay at least 50% within two weeks of submission. Multiple instalments are of course possible.

OK, so how I can register?

Awesome! Click here for the registration form and submit to info [at]

From what age can I join?

Although we have qualified coaches, we do not yet offer regular training sessions for children and youngsters aged 17 or younger. We work mostly with students and (young) adults. Should you have an idea how we can further engage into youth development, please do tell us!

Note: At the moment there is only one national competition/division for seniors, which allows players from the age of 16 to participate.

Do you have a women’s team?

We unfortunately do not yet have a women’s team. If you want to help us out, please do contact us!

I’m not really certain, who can I contact for more information?

You can e-mail to info [at] or just send a PM via Facebook. Naturally, our training sessions are open to the public, since we generally train at Museumplein. Check our training schedule and just ask a question. We’ll be delighted to answer your questions!