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Dear Cobro,

Almost two months have passed since the first COVID-19 regulations and counter measures were taken into effect, affecting our entire society. It didn’t take us long to decide we had to cancel all of our activities for the time being and by mid April, the NRLB has cancelled the entire 2020 competitive season. We hereby update you with the Cobras’ board vision.

Yesterday, May 6th, the national government updated their regulations and also showed what we can expect in the next few months. Sadly for us, they announced that gyms and sports entities (especially contact sports) must remain closed until September 1st, although this decision will be evaluated somewhere during the summer. For now, we definitely cannot host anything until September 1st. In our last e-mail some weeks ago, we announced we sort of hoped to host an AGM by mid June. Alas, with the updated rules, it seems we must once more postpone it. We hope to announce a new date, along with social events and possible training sessions, as soon as the restrictions are relieved for us.

Individual outdoor training is still possible in the Netherlands, although you must be healthy and respect the 1.5m/5ft distance towards others at all times. So, going out for a run, doing some high intensity interval training, using a stationary bike on your balcony and/or weight training (if you have the equipment) are just a few examples you can do to stay a bit in shape. You can always ask your fellow Cobros for advice in the WhatsApp group!

That being said, we hope we can meet each other soon in real life again. Stay safe, stay healthy and let common sense prevail!

The Amsterdam Cobras board

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In light of the recently announced decrees by the national government of the Netherlands (and neighbouring countries), we hereby keep you updated on the Cobras’ position with regards to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the previous governmental decrees March 12th and March 15th: as of March 23rd, it is now punishable by law to:

  • form groups of three or more people, not taking households into accounts, in public spaces, not respecting the 1.5m (5 ft) distance.
  • allow more than three visitors in a private property.

Do note: local variations in law enforcement may apply.

The following measures were (and still are) within immediate effect :

Training sessions and social activities are suspended until June 1st

This effectively means that the suspension of our training session has been extended from April 6th until June 1st.

All sanctioned matches have been postponed until further notice

We have received an official statement from the NRLB all matches that were scheduled in April and May are either cancelled or postponed. Sadly, the Rotterdam Nines has been cancelled indefinitely. Currently, the NRLB board is consulting all clubs on what to do with regards to the Domestic championships.

Membership and membership fee

The Cobras’ board has decided membership fees will not be collected until late August at earliest, given the fact we cannot offer any activities, plus the amount of (proposed) fixtures is significantly reduced. This also influences the exact amount of the fee itself, which will be reviewed in August. It is most likely we will reduce the membership fee for this year, but we are uncertain on the fees.

AGM postponed

We will most likely announce a new date somewhere mid June. Naturally, all points of discussion and the schedule will be send to you when we feel we can host an AGM. As a side note: we are looking for candidates for the position of secretary.

Future measures

We hope we have informed you properly, and we hope you follow the national laws and guidelines at all times. We wish you a safe, stable and healthy stay for the upcoming weeks and months. We keep you updated should there by any new directions given by the national government.

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Following the advice received March 12th from the Nederlandse Rugby League Bond, the NOC*NSF and the Dutch Government in regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Cobras board has decided all of our club activities have been suspended ‪until April 6th, at the earliest.

This means that:

  • All of our training sessions will be cancelled until April 6th.
  • The AGM, which was originally to be held March 14th, will be re-scheduled for mid/late April. We hope we can announce a new date by early April.

Update March 15th, 22:00: as issued by governmental decree today at 18:30, all sports clubs are now required to remain closed until April 6th. We previously communicated March 31st.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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