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Name: Daan van Rossum
Age: 30
Nationality: Clogwearer
Occupation: I sell snow to Eskimo’s and sand to Arabs
Position: Utility, but preferably Hooker (not only off the field)
When did you first learn about rugby league?
Well this is going to be a ‘Listen to grandpa story’, but that must have been somewhere way back in 2008 or 2009. There were no Cobras, Pitbulls, Knights or even an proper Dutch national team. I was playing my second year of Rugby Union and was trying to play as much games as possible. Luckily I ran into Jason Bruygoms, who basically introduced me into the code we all love. I played for ‘the Dutch development team’ against Oxford University and absolutely loved the game. Accidentally watching videos on Youtube of “Billy the Kid” of Melbourne Storm brought me over from the ‘dark side’ completely. He’s my not so secret man-crush.
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Order Tramadol From Canada

Name: Giuseppe Tazzi
Age: 33
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: SW Engineer
Position: Prop/Second Row

When did you first learn about rugby league?
I hear for the first time the English definirono “rugby league” 3 year ago called in Italy “rugby a 13”.
I am still learning playing…

How did you become a Cobra?
Pieter hansma an ARC mate proposed me to join this “tough team” few years ago. I didn’t understood what he said… and luckily I joined this amazing group.

Do you support a professional team or have a favourite player?
Not really, I start hate watch rugby matches a dozen of years ago. It is not simple appreciate a match when you have an Italian noisy dad.;)

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