Cobras Round 3 Lineup 2017

Some changes to the starting line up this week. Benjamin Cueni is returning from injury and will be starting at #9, and we welcome Laury Renac (five/eighth) and Alex Duncan (second row) back for their first game of the season.

round 3 team list

Cobras Take Bronze at Rotterdam Nines

The Amsterdam Cobras won a bronze medal at the 2017 Rotterdam Nines Tournament. The Cobras courageously won their first match against Les Hussards from Nanterre (France) with 28-4. Up next were the Harderwijk Dolphins, in which the Cobras won 24-10. However, the Wests Warriors (England) simply outclassed the Cobras, resulting in a 32-0 loss. With the increasing number of players ending up in the injury ward, the Cobras then still had to play Swansea University (Wales), to no avail: the weakened Cobras struggled to keep up and lost their final match with 0-24. Not to be deterred, as the previous results proved to be sufficient to win a bronze medal. Congratulations to all involved!