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Amsterdam Cobras head coach Dr. David Lipman has named his 17 man side ahead of tomorrow’s pre-season trial against old rivals the Harderwijk Dolphins at Sportpark de Eendracht.

Alongside the old guard are five fresh faces making their debut for the capital.

New recruit Mike Wood will start at half hoping to secure the spot all season, while Tim Goudswaard joins fan favourite David Ahrens in the front row. Mark Safa will pack in behind them while Ciaran Gallagher and Australian flyer Luke Graham will ignite the game when they come off the bench.

Amsterdam Cobras Team vs Harderwijk Dolphins 
1. Stefan Armas – proudly sponsored by Order Tramadol Cod
2. Severin Charpignon
3. Bram Tjalma
4. Jacob Evans
5. Vasilis Avgeridis
6. Laury Renac – proudly sponsored by Cheap Tramadol Canada
7. Michael Wood
8. Dave Ahrens
9. Benji Cueni – proudly sponsored by RunITstraight Projects
10. Tim Goudswaard
11. Mark Safa
12. Matt Beadsworth
13. Daan van Rossum
14. Sytse Zijlstra
15. Ciaran Gallagher
16. Luke James
17. David Air-Lucht