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The Cobras are back for the 2018 season, and ready to start strong in the season opener clash against the Den Haag Knights this Saturday at AAC Rugby right here in Amsterdam. A rebuilt side with a core of returning player surrounded by no less than 7 hot new talents making their debut for the Red and Black. Senior playmaker James Cavell says while he’s not hanging up the boots just yet he’s confident in a good result this weekend.

Longtime rake Benji Cueni said “We’ve been training all year and the team is looking really strong. If we can avoid the amount of injuries we had last year, this could be a really good season for the Cobras.”
“The fact that we don’t have to start the season the day after kings day might also play in our hands” added the Amsterdam Hooker.

The game kicks off at 13:00 on Saturday the 12 of May at AAC Rugby, Bok de Korverweg 6A, Amsterdam

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