Questions With A Cobra: Connor Felise

Name: Connor Felise
Age: 26
Nationality: Kiwi
Occupation: Escape room operator
Position: Halfback/Hooker

When did you first learn about rugby league?
Growing up in Auckland, New Zealand we care a bit more about league than the rest of the union-ized population.

How did you become a Cobra?
My girlfriends dad sent me the link for the Cobras facebook when he heard I was going to check out the Amsterdam union team.

Do you support a professional team or have a favourite player?
The NZ Warriors by birth, but adopted the South Sydney Rabbitohs when I was at high school (pre-2014 premiership era – bandwagon disclaimer).

Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?
Any team I play wearing the Cobras jersey

What is your personal goal this season?
To get amongst it

When did you last score a try?
Ages ago

Do you have an opposing player that you love to play against or have a rivalry with?
Not yet, but applications will be open very soon

If you had to be one of the other Cobras for a week, who would it be and why?
Stefan, so I could understand his fascination with Phillips steam generators.

What was your most embarrassing moment on the field?
Running a kicking tee onto the field during a union game, before realising they dropkick to start the game and awkwardly jogging past a confused referee and team.

What was your best one?
Having the referee award my try in a high school final to a chorus of “bullshit!” from opposition supporters.

Which cobra is the funniest?
Dave, Daan, Dutch guys who name begin with the letter D 😉

Which Cobra is most likely to avoid paying for a round?
I feel like everyone is hyper aware about becoming known as “the guy who doesn’t pay for a round” at the moment. Time will reveal all.

Which training drill do you dread the most?
I know them as malcolms, but basically the up down shuttles thingy.

Do you have a nickname?
Not yet from Cobras, but apparently I’m on track to inheriting the high shot tackler mantle.

How would you describe yourself in one word?

Questions with a Cobra: Daan van Rossum

Name: Daan van Rossum
Age: 30
Nationality: Clogwearer
Occupation: I sell snow to Eskimo’s and sand to Arabs
Position: Utility, but preferably Hooker (not only off the field)
When did you first learn about rugby league?
Well this is going to be a ‘Listen to grandpa story’, but that must have been somewhere way back in 2008 or 2009. There were no Cobras, Pitbulls, Knights or even an proper Dutch national team. I was playing my second year of Rugby Union and was trying to play as much games as possible. Luckily I ran into Jason Bruygoms, who basically introduced me into the code we all love. I played for ‘the Dutch development team’ against Oxford University and absolutely loved the game. Accidentally watching videos on Youtube of “Billy the Kid” of Melbourne Storm brought me over from the ‘dark side’ completely. He’s my not so secret man-crush.
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Questions with Cobra: Giuseppe Tazzi

Name: Giuseppe Tazzi
Age: 33
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: SW Engineer
Position: Prop/Second Row

When did you first learn about rugby league?
I hear for the first time the English definirono “rugby league” 3 year ago called in Italy “rugby a 13”.
I am still learning playing…

How did you become a Cobra?
Pieter hansma an ARC mate proposed me to join this “tough team” few years ago. I didn’t understood what he said… and luckily I joined this amazing group.

Do you support a professional team or have a favourite player?
Not really, I start hate watch rugby matches a dozen of years ago. It is not simple appreciate a match when you have an Italian noisy dad.;)

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