30 Benjamin Cueni

sui Switzerland
2017, 2018, 2019

Name: Benji Cueni
Age: 27
Nationality: Swiss
Occupation: Digital Fundraiser
Position: Hooker

When did you first learn about rugby league?
Must have been in NZ, when I was still “Unionized”. I was tremendously confused because the ref did not penalise the players when they did not release the players after a tackle.

How did you become a Cobra?
Daan asked me if I’d be keen in also playing League, since we played Union together at AAC. Turns out I liked League way better and decided to stick with the Cobras. Do you support a professional team or have a favourite player?
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles and I’m not even ashamed of it.

Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?
I guess the Dolphins since we lost to them in overtime last year in the match for the third place in the competition and it’s time for payback.

What is your personal goal this season?
Improve passing, improve tackling and form a good spine with the other Pivots.

When did you last score a try?
When we played the Knights away last season. Whether that try was according to the rules is another question.

Do you have an opposing player that you love to play against or have a rivalry with?
Hannes from the Pitbulls, mainly because he is the only player who is not 3 meters taller than me and also a decent guy off the field.

If you had to be one of the other Cobras for a week, who would it be and why?
I guess Daan. Just to find out what has to be wrong with you to become a Melbourne Storm supporter. Or Marco, this way he would make it to training for once.

What was your most embarrassing moment on the field (training or a game)
Knocking on the ball in literally the first play of the Rotterdam Nines last year. Luckily, the ref did not see it.

What was your best one?
Think I had a pretty decent try assist in the Nines last year when Monté offloaded the ball to me , I avoided being killed by some giant and passed to James who scored afterwards.

Which cobra is the funniest?
That has to be a battle between the two beards, James and Dave. James when he rants off about Brexit or someone’s beard being bigger than his own. Dave just for being himself.

Which Cobra is most likely to avoid paying for a round?
I guess Stefan who is always broke as fuck and Ciaran who’s never there

Which training drill do you dread the most?
I fucking hate burpees

Do you have a nickname?
Frodo, Bilbo, Hobbit, Dobby,  Midget, Triple B (according to Daan)

How would you describe yourself in one word?

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